USPA Information

What's New?

USPA Basic Safety Requirements (BSRs)

Brand new, hot off the press; they are on the web at . It's an 18 KB file in Adobe Acrobat format. It matches the new ISP requirements and it's worth reading.

USPA's DZO Incoming

The latest DZO Incoming contained the same information as the February 2001 Parachutist Magazine.

USPA License Exams (B, C, & D)

A USPA Instructor can administer the B and C License exams. An S&TA must administer the D License exam.

Please download and read the Skydiver's Information Manual (SIM) and study your specific license requirements before you take the test (the requirements, by license type, are located on one of the first few pages in the SIM). You can get the SIM at the USPA website. You will also need it for your continuing education in the sport. It is about 100 pages. When you have your free falls, accumulated free fall time, etc., see the FPSPA Manager with your logbook, please.

The USPA Integrated Student Program (ISP)

Bottom line: This program will require more work on your part as a student to get cleared by a USPA Instructor. It will also require more jumps (19 vs. 10 not counting the 5 S/L jumps) before you're ready for your "check dive". The best part of the program is those jumps you made between the old and the new system are now supervised. The whole idea is to turn you loose on the sport with better relative work skills. You'll finish ISP Categories A through H before you're ready for your required "check dive" with a USPA Instructor. The USPA Instructor will sign and stamp your A-license proficiency card which is your A-license; it is good as long as you're a USPA member. USPA posted the ISP to their web site. You can download it there.