General Information and Pricing (Effective 15 March 2001)

First Jump Course = $125. Courses are run on when the JRTC Rotational schedule and Jumpmaster & Instructor availability permit. Open only eligible patrons.

Gear Rental = $30/day to use the gear during activity operations. When you rent gear, you're jumping with activity Jumpmasters, not renting it to go on block leave and carry it all over the United States. You also need to know how to pack. No PRO packing the activity gear.

Monthly activity fee = $10/month.

MWR van fee = $5/person. Helps defray gas costs when we use the MWR van.

Military Free Fall Transition to Sport Parachuting Class = $35. There are differences between these two disciplines of parachuting and we want you to make a safe transition.

If you're serious about skydiving, think about joining the USPA. They are our voice to our elected officials and the FAA. You can even join online.