Fort Polk Sport Parachute Activity     

First Jump Course  



Welcome to one of the greatest sports in the world! Sport parachuting, a.k.a. skydiving, is miles above the rest! 


There are two essential ingredients to skydiving. First, the desire; second, the knowledge and skills to do it safely. The desire is already there or you would not be reading this. The knowledge and skills is a joint responsibility shared by both the instructor and the student.


The instructors have the responsibility to train you to jump safely. You, as the student, are the one ultimately responsible to make sure you know these skills. The training is not hard or technical. If it was, we could not do it so quickly. Most of the training is repetitive and simulates what you will be doing on your first jump. Take the training seriously, even if at times it might seem silly. Simulation is our best tool.  Remember: “What you do on the ground, is what you will do in the air.”


Remember too, that we are doing this for fun, so try to replace any fear and apprehension you might have with a desire to learn as much as you can.  This handout is a training aid for you.  It does not replace student-instructor interaction.  Take notes.  Ask questions.  There aren’t any stupid questions!


Again, we welcome you as a new member of the sport and of the Fort Polk Sport Parachute Activity.